Let me start off by saying that I try and read often. Try being the key word there. My bookshelf is full of books that I have gotten only a third of the way through only to be distracted by the update of my fantasy football roster. Below I have laid out 10 books that I have read that I would highly recommend to others!


  1. Grace- Max Lucado
    • learn more about the extravagant beauty of grace (click here)
  2. Pursued- Jud Wilhite
    • Unpack the book of Hosea and God’s pursuit of you (click here)
  3. Sandcastle Kings- Rich Wilkerson Jr.
    • Jesus is the only unshakable foundation (click here)
  4. Tribes- Seth Godin
  5. Next Generation Leader- Andy Stanley
    • The 5 C’s of leadership that will leave a legacy, not a memory (click here)
  6. Deep & Wide- Andy Stanley
    • Help your church reach the unchurched (click here)
  7. 8 Essentials of a Catalyst Leader- Brad Lomenick
    • Better develop yourself as a leader (click here)
  8. Let Hope In- Pete Wilson
    • Having hope in the middle of the hardest times in life (click here)
  9. Unoffendable- Brant Hanson
    • It’s difficult but not impossible (click here)
  10. Living Your Strengths- Albert Winsermas
    • Learn how God created you and live it out (click here)


Happy Reading,

-Pastor Nicl

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