together, we can do more

Propel Church has served more people than ever this year! In 2019, we have grown to see more than 300 people join us on a Sunday and have seen 244 people make decisions for Jesus. We also stepped into our first permanent home with an opening weekend of 673 people!

With this incredible growth, we’re faced with a unique opportunity.

In order to be prepared to serve even more people in 2020, we want to invite you, our Propel Church family, to consider making a year-end gift before 2019 wraps up.

together, we will see more in 2020

together, we did this!

This year, we saw 244 people make decisions for Jesus

This year, we saw 26 people go public with their faith through baptism

This year, we saw 289,302 people engage with us online

This year, we helped plant 65 churches through ARC

This year, we gave $36,436.18 to our outreach partners

This year, we gave away 74 bibles to people

We are so in awe of all that God has done in the life of our church in 2019 but we know He has MORE for us. As we make the jump into our new facility, we need to replace the HVAC system which will cost right around $130,000. The best news though is the money we spend there goes as a rent credit for us. Paying it now means that we will be rent-free for a season allowing us to do more ministry!


We’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020, but we can’t do it without you. Now is the perfect time to give for the first time, or make a year-end gift to help us finish the year strong. 


Did you know you can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, homes, land, life insurance or estates? If you are interested in making a non-cash gift, use the form below.