Hope for Cabarrus County

God is passionate about people. He sees past the faults, flaws, and failures of those people and dies for them. Specifically, in our area, we are seeing an increase in drug use, drug incarceration and drug overdoses. However, we believe when the local church steps into the picture with the life changing message of Jesus Christ, everything changes. There is hope for Cabarrus County!

One of the ways we are bringing hope to Cabarrus County is by having an extension site of Propel Church located inside of the County Jail. Weekly, Propel Church Dream Team Members will enter the facility to host a Propel Church Worship Experience. This experience will be identical to a Sunday Morning Experience at Propel. The men and women in the facility will partake in the same sermon series as Propel. We don’t want them to come to a service, we want them to become part of the family!

Our goal is that these men and women will plug directly into our church once they are released. There is so much power in changing environments, and for these men and women, we believe plugging into a local life giving church can change everything!

“Lives will be forever changed when there is a church that meets people where they are and proclaims that you can Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Your Purpose, And Make A Difference” – Pastor Nick Newman

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