Know God

God desires a relationship with you. We are all born with this longing and desire to get to know God. We ask questions like “what’s out there? How do we get to know God? Does He want to know us?” This desire comes from being made by Him, creation lacks context without its creator. Thankfully we don’t have to work our way to know God, He comes to us! By sending Jesus to pay the price for our sin, He settles the debt sin created. Now when we place our hope and trust in Jesus, we get to Know God!

Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is life’s greatest decision! By accepting Jesus, you are placing your hope and trust in Him. That His payment was sufficient for your sin and that He is your access to God.

I accepted Jesus

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. It’s a public declaration of how Jesus changed your life. Being baptized shows others that you’ve decided to follow Jesus, and allows them to celebrate this decision with you. If you would like to be baptized fill out the form below

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