Basic Requirements

You should be in agreement with our theological standings and our vision and values. We are looking for trustworthy, team-minded people who will take the commitment seriously.  Maintaining a humble, teachable attitude is very important.  The worship and production team is not a platform for showcasing individual talents, but a place of service to the people of Propel.

Previous experience within areas of production can be helpful but is not required. While there are similar principles used in most live situations, every team experience is different. Be prepared to learn new ways of doing things even as we follow standard practices.

To get connected and serving in production, send an email to:



Serving in sound, we have opportunities for you to engage in live as well as online settings. Whether having prior experience or not, our technicians will guide you through how to mix for either setting. Our heart is to build a consistent sound each week so that each person coming into Propel for the first time experiences the same level of excellence on their hundreth time.

Pro Presenter:

Pro Presenter is our software that we utilize for putting up slides, song lyrics, announcements, and any additional information or resources on the screens. We train those serving in this position how to navigate this for our live worship experiences. as well as our online experiences. We utilize this resource for people who come in to be able to keep engaged during the worship expereiences.

Camera & Video Switcher:

For our camera operators, we equip you in creating excellent visual resources for people attending our live experiences, people online to keep engaged, resources for people outside of our church (leadership content, other team buidling events, etc.). We teach angles and shots, creative timing, and how to create diverse yet consistent visuals during our worship experiences. Video Switcher is the software we utilize for switching live camera displays, adding overlays, and providing resources on the screen for our online experiences.


Serving in lighting, you will be trained in the transitions of our live experiences. We utilize the software, ADJ, that helps simply train people in how to shift the lighting during a worship experience. You'll be able to learn how to change colors, shifting lighting intensity, and helping the worship experiences flow from one segment to the next with ease and excellence.


If you would like to submit an audition to serve on our worship team, click the button below: