Finding yourself held back by your own insecurities? Is that  little voice in the back of your head saying ” You cannot do that.”  Find the power to break past the enemy. As Pastor Nick continues in the series the “Power to Change” we get an inside look into the journey of Moses on his struggles of how hard it was to just let go. Let God have control of your identity. Trust God with your income, and allow God to influence your life in the way He intended it to go.  If we truly desire the power to change the only way is to lay it all down.

Quotes of the Weekend: 

“What are you going to do with what God has given you?”

ladies night

Ladies we are having a night out just for you! We will be having a painting class at Sunday Art Gallery at the cost of $30. We only have 20 spots left so be sure and contact Tori Newman 704-796-3864 or Natalie Wensil 704-223-8222 to get registered

baptism vid.

We are hosting Baptism on February 7th! If you need to be baptized sign up in the link below!



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