When you’re here, you’re home.

“We know how hard it can be to find a place where you feel like you are home. When you do find it, we know how much you can accomplish in your family, your work, and your faith. That’s why we make it a priority to welcome you to Propel Church.

At Propel, we are a creative team of people with a passion to see you propelled into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. If these words scare you a little, it’s okay. We are on this journey together. We’ve had this privilege to launch a life-giving church in Mt. Pleasant where we’ve worked hard to guide people home.

In everything we do, we want you to know we’re waiting for you, you’re welcome here, and we’re glad you’ve come. From our team to you…Welcome Home.”

Pastor Nick Newman, Lead Pastor

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Music To Brag About

Nothing sets the atmosphere quite like some good music. You’ll find that here every time you come. (Disclaimer: Not responsible for great music stuck in your head all week!)

Friendly Faces

It’s nice to start your morning with a friendly face. We promise to have them here and ready to welcome you. It’s just one small part of our commitment to welcome you home.

Simple Connections

From the stage and from your Connection Card, we will always encourage you to say hello, reach out, or get involved. We just happen to think it could change your life in the best possible way.

Get ready to be propelled

Propel Church helps you to make a life-changing commitment