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Discover God's plan for your life

God has an amazing plan for your life and we believe that as a church it's our greatest joy to help you discover it. We have a simple course that helps you learn more about the church, your giftings, and plug into a team.

Before you dive into Session One, click the button below to download a digital copy of the Discover booklet. You can follow along as Pastor Nick teaches and fill in the blanks as the slides appear on the screen.

Session One Discover Propel

We believe that church isn't designed to be a spectator sport. In this session, Pastor Nick will go over the vision and mission of Propel Church.


Before you move on to Session Two, go ahead and take a few minutes to complete the DISC Assessment and Spiritual Gifts Assessments below. These two tests will help you learn more about yourself and discover how God uniquely designed you.
There are no wrong answers on these assessments! What is most important is that you are honest and transparent.

Session Two Discover Purpose

God has placed specific gifts inside of each of us. At "Discover", we will walk you through some assessments to help you unlock what God has placed inside you!

At the end of Discover you will have the opportunity yo find the team thats perfect for you. Using your gifts in God's Kingdom is the way we truly make a difference in the world!


You may be wondering, "Well now what do I do?"
We're glad you asked!
Click the button below to fill out the Response Card. Let us know what your results were on your assessments and if you know what team(s) you're interested in, you can let us know as well.
By completing and signing this card you will also have the opportunity to become a Propel Owner! As Pastor Nick said, we don't do membership, we do ownership because members have rights, owners have responsibilities.
After completing the Response Card, one of our Team Members will be reaching out to you to help you get connected!