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Our Pastor

Nick Newman is the founder and lead Pastor of Propel Church in Mount Pleasant, NC. His passion to to help raise up, train, and develop healthy leaders all around the world. Pastor Nick is known for his engaging teaching style and heart for leadership development. In addition to Propel, Pastor Nick founded a non-profit called "Selah Leaders" in 2021. The purpose of Selah leaders is to help leaders embrace a lifestyle of rest, and through that - He has helped hundreds of pastors stay married, sane, and enjoy ministry again.

In addition to his passion for pastors and leaders, Pastor Nick frequently shares his dream of seeing a healthy, life-giving church in every small town across America.

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About Propel

Propel Church was started in the small 1800-person town of Mount Pleasant, NC by Pastor Nick and Tori Newman. Propel hosted it's first worship experience at Mount Pleasant High School on September 20th, 2015 alongside of 28 volunteers we call the "dream team." Since 2015, Propel has experienced over 800 decisions for Jesus, almost 400 baptisms, has navigated location changes, a pandemic, and is now embarking on building a brand new facility in town. God has moved mightily over the years and has shown favor every step of the way.

Let's get you ready to God's prompting

  • Identify your strengths

    Discover your unique talents and abilities through tailored assessments, empowering you to excel in your ministry and effectively serve your community. Embrace your God-given gifts and leverage them to build a thriving, impactful church.

  • Develop your preaching gift

    Hone your skills in crafting engaging, biblically-based sermons that resonate with diverse audiences, fostering spiritual growth and inspiring transformative life changes. Engage in mentorship and constructive feedback to elevate your preaching abilities.

  • Learn Practical leadership skills

    Master essential tools for effective church leadership, such as team building, conflict resolution, and strategic planning, to shepherd your congregation with wisdom and grace. Cultivate a servant leader's heart, guiding others toward a deeper relationship with Christ.

  • Prepare to launch your church

    Acquire the knowledge and resources needed for a successful church plant, navigating the challenges of creating a vibrant spiritual community from the ground up. Develop a comprehensive strategy, fueled by prayer and vision, to bring your church to life and impact your community for Christ.

The process

Below we've laid out the simple process for you to become a church planting resident at Propel Church.

  • Submit application

    Begin your journey by submitting a comprehensive application, showcasing your passion for ministry and your readiness to embark on the church planting adventure.

  • Application Review

    Our team carefully reviews each application, assessing your potential for success and ensuring a strong fit with our program's mission and values.

  • Onboarding meeting

    Attend an onboard meeting, where you'll connect with our team, establishing relationships and setting the foundation for a transformative experience.

  • First Sunday

    Mark the start of your residency with a meaningful First Sunday celebration, igniting your passion for service and setting the stage for spiritual growth and impactful leadership.